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Since its establishment on August 8, 1990, Shanghai Yamato Weighing Apparatus has entered adulthood. Especially after the capital increase in 1998, after more than 20 years of development, the products have developed from simple ordinary weighing instruments to high-end industrial and commercial weighing instruments, with a per capita output value of up to one million yuan. It has also become a well-known brand and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.      

In the power industry, so far it has obtained orders for nearly 1,600 pressure-resistant weighing coal feeders. Among them, there are about 450 coal feeders exported to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Chile, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Honduras, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are the supply of pressure-resistant weighing coal feeders for the power industry. A well-known brand among cargo merchants.      

In the iron and steel industry, dynamic batching scales for blast furnace raw materials and sintering, especially top-mounted batching scales, are selected by large steel groups such as Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, and Maanshan Iron and Steel. At present, many batching scales for sintering machines above 300 square meters in China are Shanghai Yamato products; steel coil scales, slab scales, large package scales, furnace top scales, molten iron level gauges and other steel industry weighing instruments are also used in large domestic and foreign steel companies. use.      

In the cement industry, Shanghai Daiwa is a trusted supplier of Conch Group. Most of the raw material batching scales for cement production lines above 5000T/DAY use Shanghai Daiwa products. In the past 20 years, Shanghai Daiwa has acquired about 1,800 batching scales and belts from Conch Cement Group. Orders for scales and silo scales have also entered markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America.      

In the tire industry, Shanghai Yamato relies on the technical support of Japan's Yamato. The imported tire scales such as carbon black scales, tread scales, and rubber scales have been used in Thai Rubber, Kumho Tire, and other foreign-funded enterprises are firmly in the lead, becoming a new force that cannot be ignored in the field of tire testing machines. In the future, it plans to introduce Japan's Yamato tire dynamic balance testing machine to further expand its market share.      

In the chemical industry, Shanghai Yamato's packaging scales, hopper scales, filling scales, and explosion-proof scales have entered a large number of international giants such as Debnissi, Mitsubishi Chemical, Toyo Ink, DuPont-Asahi Kasei, as well as Jiangsu Yangzi Petrochemical, Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical, and Shaanxi Large domestic chemical companies such as Weihua, Yutianhua, Anhui Anhua, and Jiangsu Huaihua.      

In the food packaging industry, Daiwa's computerized combination weigher occupies a larger share of the domestic high-end market. Many well-known food companies such as Kellogg's, Kraft, Want Want Foods, Qiaqia Seeds, Dali Foods, Wahaha, and Glico are all loyal users of Shanghai Dahe. Recently, Shanghai Yamato has developed a high-precision small-capacity computer combination weigher suitable for small packaging, which has been favored by users.      

In the seed industry, since 2009, Yamato 3-bucket, 4-bucket packaging scale, belt scale, intelligent combination scale, etc. have entered the Denghai Pioneer, Dunhuang Pioneer, and Sanbei Xian with the advantages of high precision, high stability and high efficiency. Well-known seed companies such as Zhengda, Longping Hi-Tech, Kangdi, Origen, Fengle, Genesis, and Jinyuan. In particular, Shanghai Yamato's recently developed online counting-weighing system won the second prize for scientific and technological progress of the National Light Industry Council. The four-bucket scale + counting machine was awarded the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project this year, and won the famous Denghai, Dunhuang, Zhongzhong International, Qiule, Longping Hi-tech, Origen, Huanong Weiye, Zhongdi, Shunxin, etc. Unanimous recognition of seed companies. In the first half of the year alone, more than 40 sets of orders were obtained, with a contract value of approximately 20 million. It is estimated that after adopting the four-bucket scale + grain counting machine, the 4400 grain/bag corn seed production line with an annual output of 5 million packs can save more than 1.5 million yuan in raw materials.      

In the past two years, Shanghai Yamato has cooperated with Japan Yamato to vigorously develop liquid crystal glass and cover glass batching systems. At present, Shanghai Yamato has a high market share in the newly built high-precision batching production line for large-scale liquid crystal glass and high-strength cover glass.      

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Yamato Japan and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Yamato. We will uphold the principles of creation, technology, and trust to provide customers with advanced products and quality services. Shanghai Yamato will give full play to the leading role of well-known brands in the weighing instrument industry, and further rely on Japan's Yamato technology and experience in industrial weighing instruments to build Shanghai Yamato into a high-tech comprehensive weighing instrument company. 


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