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Liquid crystal glass industry-batching system


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Liquid crystal glass industry-batching system

(Summary description)Main ingredients

Liquid crystal glass industry-batching system

(Summary description)Main ingredients


The main raw ingredients Tire Balance Test Machine

Main raw material ingredients main process



Three floors

Dust collector:

Dust removal during feeding

Timing back blowing when not feeding

Second floor:

The feeding and discharging device is used for feeding by screw and vibration feeding method, and batching by pneumatic device.

First floor:

Mixer: Mix the materials discharged from the second floor uniformly and discharge them into the discharge pipe tank.


Material input department

1. Lower limit material level gauge

2. Lower limit material level gauge

3. Manual gate for feeding

4. Screw feeder

5. Dust collector

6. Control the feeding pneumatic valve

7. Screw feeder

8. Anti-sticking nozzle

9. Screw feeder

10. Manual gate for feeding



Material discharge part


1.  Air hammer: a device to prevent materials from sticking to the silo wall during discharge

2. Pneumatic discharge door: After the material is weighed in the weighing hopper, the discharge door is opened and discharged automatically

3. Sensor: YAMATO UB2 sensor: weighing range: 0-2000kg

4. Soft connection: the special soft connection imported from Japan Yamato can better increase the material flow


1.  Air hammer: a device to prevent materials from sticking to the silo wall during discharge

2.  Electromagnetic vibrator: The granular material is thrown / discharged at a certain speed through the electromagnetic vibrator , and the vibration frequency is adjustable

3.  Sensor: YAMATO UB1 sensor; weighing range: 0-2000kg

4.  Pneumatic discharge door: After the material is measured, the system controls to open the discharge door and discharge it automatically


UB series sensor


Main raw material control cabinet

1.   PLC

Using redundant system control mode, when the main PLC fails,

The system will automatically switch to another PLC to ensure the stability of the system

2.    Switch

Operators monitor equipment status in real time via Ethernet

3.    Touch screen

Set and monitor the status of field equipment through the touch screen

4.    EDI-2000 instrument

Weighing indicator, communicate with PLC CCLINK

5.    Combination lights

Multiple indicator lights are combined together, which is not only beautiful but also saves space






EDI-2000 instrument

EDI-2000 is an intelligent, multi-functional weighing control instrument newly developed by Japan Yamato.


  · External resolution: 300,000

· Sampling speed: 100 times/sec

· Display: 5.7 inch TFT color touch screen

· Control interface: 8 points input, 16 points output

· Communication interface: RS232/485/422, 4-20mA\CC-link\Devicenet\Profibus\BCD, (optional)

· Complete functions, various status display, self-diagnosis, man-machine dialogue, complete various interfaces, suitable for designing various industrial weighing instruments.




Main raw material power cabinet



       1.   Inverter

Communication with the controller CCLINK , the system controls the feeding speed of the screw feeder through the frequency converter.

       2.   Remote IO controller

Communicate with the main controller CCLINK to realize real-time collection of remote IO .

       3.   Vibration controller

The controller of the electromagnetic vibrator can control the feeding speed of the electromagnetic vibrator.

       4.   Wiring bar

The main power terminal block and terminal in the power cabinet are all galvanized to prevent oxidation and have a long life.








The thyristor is the debugging controller of the electromagnetic vibrating machine, which is placed in the raw material power cabinet. In order to consider the accuracy of the raw material supply, a high-speed and low-speed dual-speed control is designed. When discharging, the vibrator vibrates with a larger amplitude. When the discharged material reaches the slow rate, the software is switched from high speed to low speed, so that the discharged amount can accurately reach the set target amount.






Mixer field operation cabinet



  1. Remote IO module


Communication with the main controller CCLINK , real -time real-time acquisition of long-distance IO .

        2.  Combination lights

The combination of multiple indicator lights is not only beautiful but also saves space.

        3. The  wiring inside the cabinet is complete, clean and easy to maintain.

Quantity: 2 functions: individually control and monitor the work of 2 mixers.





Batching control software

Ingredients touch screen software


Ingredients SCADA software


Ingredients software report

Report function:

  1. According to your needs, you can query daily reports, monthly reports, annual reports or select the time to query the content of the reports.
  2. It can print A4 continuous paper directly, and can print continuously without adjustment.
  3. After importing the report, it can be exported into PDF and EXCEL form.
  4. The stored content adopts the data synchronization processing method in the database. When the network fails, the data that cannot be saved can be automatically restored after the network is restored.



Broken glass production and conveying Craft


Overview of Broken Glass System


Operation process of cullet system



Belt conveyors


Lifting belt conveyor:

Belt thickness > 9.5mm , belt with skirt.

Material EP-200 is , skirt height: 100mm , a rubber skirt baffles perpendicular to the tape, and a plurality of switches deviation . 1 monitoring operating state of the switch,

A rubber baffle is installed on the inner tape skirt to form a closed space above the tape of the hoist body to prevent the leakage of dust.





Belt conveyors:

Belt thickness > 9.5mm ( 1+1+1 type), belt with skirt, material EP-200 , tape in accordance with the wear index requirements of the D type in the GB/T7984-2001 standard , skirt height: 100mm , tape the rubber flap and the skirt is perpendicular, and a plurality of switches deviation . 1 detectors operating state of the switch, on the interior tape with rubber skirt baffle, such that the body above the conveyor belt forms a closed space, preventing leakage of dust .






Broken glass electrical control cabinet




1. Circuit Breaker

2. Inverter

3. Speed ​​governor of vibration machine

4. PLC

5. Touch screen

6. Heat Exchanger






Broken glass system software



Touch screen software screen



Adding ingredients for trace materials Craft

Additive batching process technology


Glove box



60kg and 5kg platform scale



Small material software architecture



Introduction to Control Software

1. If the PLC and 2 instruments are in failure, the status light is red, otherwise it is green.

2. Status display: if there is insufficient metering, the status is always on, the over status is flashing, and the status is off when the amount is appropriate.

3. Fault display area: faults include communication faults, weighing faults, sealing box faults, etc.

4. Meter weight display: the weight of 2 meters can be displayed in real time

5. Operating area: you can set and clear recipes, start materials, etc.

6. In the formula setting area of ​​ingredients, the target weight value of the corresponding raw materials can be set





Body of Furnace Front Chamber Metering System



Screw feeder




Furnace front warehouse control cabinet



LEC-201 meter

The calculation and adjustment instrument dedicated to the load cell integrates the professional technology of the meter dedicated to the weight loss feeder of the reduction method. CC-Link card and analog output card can be installed in the option slot to realize CC-Link communication and 4-20ma communication with other devices . A variety of data can be set and read, such as the target conveying volume, ratio, variety, and various varieties of the setting part; the reading part is the cumulative calculation value, conveying volume, weight in the hopper, etc.



Software composition framework


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