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Industrial Scale Spare Parts-CFC-2000


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Industrial Scale Spare Parts-CFC-2000

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Industrial Scale Spare Parts-CFC-2000

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Spare parts

Adopt a color LCD display with touch panel, a belt scale controller that supports multiple languages


New generation weighing indicator

Compact multifunctional controller with integrated computing unit and regulator function

Small and compact

Simple and convenient operation

Stable, reliable and practical

High precision and high performance

3 latest CPU/communication ports

Guarantee battery for 8 years

Touch screen, four characters

With self-diagnosis function

Graphical representation of throughput


  • Support global applications
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Icon function
  • High precision & high performance



CFC-2000 is a multifunctional controller that integrates four functions required by belt scales and indicator for quantitative feeding scales.

While having the high performance, high precision/high resolution of old products, the color LCD screen with touch panel is used to make observation and operation easier.

In addition, it is newly equipped with multi-language support, various chart display functions, and substantial self-diagnosis functions, which have evolved into high-end products that can achieve safe and reliable measurement.


POINT.1 Advanced globalization function


    1. Support multiple languages

     In addition to Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Japanese, and Korean (Korean characters) can also be displayed.


    2. Support various field networks

      Supports FA networks (CC-Link, DeviceNet, Profibus) used in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia. (Optional)


    3. Paperless manual

      Equipped with a help function that displays the setting value or error content.

      Because it is displayed in the set language, it can also be operated in a paperless manual mode abroad.


    4. Compatible with CE label, RoHS


POINT.2 A variety of chart display functions


    1. The graph  can always be used to display the measured value.
     You can check the delivery volume setting (SV), delivery volume (PV), control output (MV), speed, and load factor for the past 5 minutes through the chart.


    2. Real-time chart display function

       The measured value of up to 10 elements and 20,000 samples can be displayed in the graph at minimum 10ms intervals. It can also be used to analyze control characteristics and confirm past measurement status.


    3. Zero storage capacity graph display function

      The graph can display the change of the zero position each time the zero position is adjusted, so it is possible to monitor the zero position change due to the abnormality or attachment of the load cell.



POINT.3 A variety of self-diagnostic functions for safe and secure measurement


    1. Self-diagnosis function of the load cell circuit
      Compared with the old products, the A/D conversion peripheral circuit has built-in detection functions such as excitation voltage and load cell wiring, so that it can quickly detect faults during operation. . During operation as a quantitative feeder, once an abnormality of the load cell is detected, it can be switched to volumetric operation based on past results.


    2. Prevent setting error function

       Save the final set value after adjustment, compare the set value with the current set value and display the difference . When the optimized setting value is accidentally changed after adjustment, the change point can be screened out, and it is also easy to restore to the original setting value.


    3. IO monitor forced output function

      The input and output status can be confirmed based on all signals. Regarding the output signal, you can forcibly output the signal by switching the mode. The wiring can be easily checked during installation.



    4. Notification of inspection period function

      The inspection time of consumable parts can be notified according to the power-on time or the operating time, so failures can be prevented before they occur. Up to 10 consumable parts can be registered.



POINT.4 High-end products with high precision and high performance


    1. Equipped with a high-speed, high-precision A/D conversion circuit, the
      A/D conversion speed is 100 times/sec, the maximum zero drift is 0.1μV/℃, and the resolution is 400,000 counts/30mV. Equipped with a high-performance digital filter, stable measurement and control can be realized.


    2. It has dust and drip resistance equivalent to IP65

       The front of the housing has dust and drip-proof performance equivalent to IP65, and there is no problem even if water splashes during cleaning .

       *When installing on the board, please fix the installation metal parts with the specified tightening torque.


    3. Equipped with history record function

      It can store 100 latest operation history records, so it can be tracked and investigated in the event of a failure.



    4. Support USB memory

       By connecting a USB memory, the internal settings and operating history can be backed up or restored .



    5. Equipped with network functions

       You can use the web page to confirm setting values ​​or operating history, and enter maintenance information. Error messages can also be sent via email.




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