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Industrial scale-quantitative feeder


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Industrial scale-quantitative feeder

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Industrial scale-quantitative feeder

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Dosing machine


1. Built-in automatic zero point correction function, zero adjustment is simple and convenient. (Less than ±3%)

2. The remote correction can be realized by optional parts, which is more labor-saving and convenient.

3. The zero point and scale can be corrected simply and accurately in a digital way.

4. Using proportional measurement method, so it can ensure its high accuracy.

5. The display system all adopts digital display, which is clear when reading.

6. Instantaneous value control or accumulated value control can be freely selected with a switch.

7. Not only can set the delivery volume alone, but also set the proportion and moisture.

8. With various alarm output.

9. The sensor power supply, preamplifier and integrator are all placed inside the meter, which is a miniaturized battery multi-function high-density meter.

10. With 5~10 years power failure compensation battery. (Accumulated value and set value)

11. Can be cascaded settings.

12. Use resistance strain sensor (non-linearity is ±0.03%).

13. The pulse transmitter for belt speed detection adopts non-contact method.

14. Since there is no time waste in the control loop, the response speed is fast and high control accuracy is obtained.

15. Because the belt speed can be controlled, it is suitable for powder to lumps.

16. The load weight on the belt has nothing to do with the conveying capacity and is almost constant, so it is less affected by the tension of the belt and can obtain high measurement accuracy.

17. Due to the sensor method, the quantitative dosing scale has less wear parts and convenient maintenance compared with mechanical weighing instruments.

18. Because the pulse signal is used for calculation, the connection with the CPU is simple.

19. Adopting cumulative value control, accurate measurement accuracy and high control accuracy.

20. The cumulative value control method can completely compensate for the intermediate deviation, and can also be controlled when the load is large and the bulk material is transported.

21. Special top-mounted structure.

a) The whole set of metering unit is sealed in the box, which can effectively isolate the influence of harsh environmental media.

b) With automatic coding device, it can realize long-distance weighing and calibration.

c) On-site maintenance and repair are extremely convenient.


♦Standard specifications


♦ Technical parameters of YPG series disc feeder

1. N in the model is counterclockwise; S is clockwise;
2. The disc can be equipped with a sealing cover and dust suction port according to different needs;
3. The reducer lubricating oil pump has its own integrated and external oil tank two kinds ;

♦ Main technical parameters

If you have any other technical parameter questions, please contact Shanghai Dahe Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd.




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