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Automatic scale-rotary multi-stage weight sorting scale


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Automatic scale-rotary multi-stage weight sorting scale

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Automatic scale-rotary multi-stage weight sorting scale

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Innovative rotary multi-stage weight sorting scale/automatic checkweigher

------Use the smallest space to achieve high-speed, multi-stage sorting of aquatic products

Features: automatic diagnosis, automatic recovery, easy operation



Use multiple independent sensors to measure at high speed ‍‍

Choose the most suitable stainless steel material for aquatic products, and ensure the freshness of aquatic products through high-speed classification. (Up to 8 levels)

■High-speed and high-precision sorting

Through the rotation method, the automatic feeding, metering, grading and other processes are completed at high speed.

(It can process 350 saury per minute)

Through high-precision sensors and computer control, high-speed, high-precision measurement and grading are realized to prevent the freshness of aquatic products from decreasing.

■Automatic feeding system

The feeding belt conveyor runs automatically and synchronously according to the action of the measuring hopper to ensure accurate and precise feeding and metering.

The operation is simple and the workload of the operators is greatly reduced.

■ Hopper type metering structure

The hopper-type measuring unit is used for a wide range of applications and can be used for the measurement of various aquatic products.

(Application examples: saury, mackerel, catfish, squid, sardine, eel, openback, etc.)



■All stainless steel material is easy to clean/clean

The body is constructed of stainless steel, which has good rust and stain resistance and can be cleaned by the whole machine.

The waterproof structure of the whole machine greatly shortens the cleaning time and has excellent hygiene performance. (Protection grade IP66)

■Reliable, safe/sturdy structure

This machine is equipped with an inclined safety cover, which can prevent foreign matter from entering while ensuring the safety of the operation. The structure with windshield can also prevent the influence of wind factors on the weighing, effectively ensuring high-precision measurement.

The sturdy body and independent sensor limit mechanism (patent pending) can maximize production capacity even in harsh aquatic product processing environments and reduce accidental damage during cleaning and maintenance.


Reference production line (3 sets in parallel)

■Space-saving design

Save space by adopting a compact design. It does not occupy space and can satisfy customers' diverse production line settings. The movable structure design makes it easier to set up the equipment on the production line.

■Excellent operability

Equipped with a high-performance instrument with a full-color touch screen, it pursues the concept of clear, easy-to-see and simple operation, and anyone can easily set and adjust.

Real-time display of operating status and accumulated information, the current operating status of the equipment can be confirmed at a glance.

With the function of automatic fault diagnosis, it is convenient to eliminate the fault as soon as possible and restore the normal operation of the equipment through the statistical chart on the screen, the fault occurrence and the fault location and other information.

CE2700 instrument

■Equipped with rich accumulation functions

Equipped with a standard USB interface, it is convenient to save accumulated data and setting data, and easily realize data management on the PC side.



Computer control to achieve high-speed classification (8 levels)

■Sorting method



Achieve 8-level weight classification of fish and aquatic products, such as saury and mackerel. Up to 50 types can be registered and easy to switch between each type. It can be easily set according to the classification speed and production capacity to realize the production line of multiple varieties and small batches.


Pacific saury, mackerel, golden eye extra-grade fish, open-back fish, sardines, squid, octopus, eel, etc.

■Main specifications


※Accuracy and grading speed will slightly change due to the size of the object

■Dimensions of appearance (unit: mm)


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